André Terron


All of your internet’s data in one place


I’ve built apps using third-party APIs, and I want to build many more. But dealing with third-party APIs was a lot of work and not very performant. So I decided to change that and aggregate all of my internet’s data in one place, building a personal database with my data.

Screen Captures

1: Showing data from Gmail, Notion and Toggl Track

2022-01-17 - My Data Intro.gif

2: Enhancing Gmail data with an extra column: Response Time, which is the average time it took me to respond to the messages on that thread

2022-01-20 - My Data - Enhance Gmail.png

3: Show data as a table with some filtering and sorting features, thanks to GitHub Next’s flat-ui package


4: Showing detailed fields of the objects, basically a pretty JSON viewer

2022-01-24 - My Data - JSON Viewer.gif